Journaling my Journey towards making decisions regarding preventative mastectomy.

I’m Joy. My mother died from breast cancer and I recently found out I carry a mutated gene that could mean breast cancer for me.

To begin with I want to tell you why I want to write this blog. I am currently 53 years old. My mother died of breast cancer 13 years ago when I had just turned 40. I was there along her side as she marched her long and painful march with breast cancer. She confided in me about her pains and her fears. But sometimes there were things she didn’t want to tell me because she didn’t want me to hurt anymore than I had to. I did hide away my emotions in denial quite a bit. The pain of her whole struggle from diagnosis to her death haunts me every single day. And now I found out I run the risk of marching that same scary march my mother did at a greater than 50% chance. I want to document my journey here as I face some very difficult decisions.Joy on a rock

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