Informing my children about my genetic gene mutation and what that could mean for me and for them.

My three sons are all very different in how they emote and communicate so I knew discussing the discovery of the Chek2 gene mutation would elicit very different responses from them. I was not very wrong from my prediction. While two of them both state it is my decision and they support whatever choice I make, the third one was completely against prophylactic mastectomy and told me it was crazy to even think of doing such a drastic surgery for an unknown factor that might not even ever occur. He said “what if I am at risk for throat cancer? Do I cut my throat out?” I get his point and listened to all of them with the intention of taking what they said and letting it soak up into the rest of my thoughts surrounding this decision. I also wanted them to know this information for the sake of the risk that is associated with it for them.

My boys 2

Informing my children about this gene mutation was not just to tell them about what could happen to me but also to let them know that they could have inherited this gene as well.  The way I understand it, there is a 50% chance they have inherited the gene from me.  Not only is this gene a risk for breast cancer but also several other types of cancer.  I will blog about what I have found out about the mutation of this gene on another blog as I would like to get some feedback about what others know and have experienced first hand.

All of my boys were very close to their grandmother and were there with her while she struggled with her battle with breast cancer.  They may not have understood everything that was going on during those years but they were very hurt with her passing.

My biggest fear is that my mother’s scene at the end of her life will repeat itself with me and I really don’t want my children to have to go through that.


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